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The Advice Trap and Staying Curious


Our advice is not nearly as good as we think it is. Take a moment and reflect on that statement. These words come from the fabulous book, The Advice Trap by Michael Bungay Stanier and in his opnion, that is the trouble with giving advice and offering solutions to other people’s problems.

But we all do it, we hear half a problem and in no time we are jumping in with advice. Good, well meaning advice no doubt, but advice unlikely to have the impact we think that it should. Instead, he suggests th…

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What is your leadership legacy?


Leadership, like life, is simply a series of moments, and every moment gives you the opportunity to leave a positive legacy for those around you.

What is the legacy you will leave when you leave your current position?

What will you be remembered for, or better still, what do you want to be remembered for?

What are the values, customs, traditions or ways of working that will exist beyond you because they have become the fabric of the organisation?

I think if I had my leadership time again I…

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When Mediation is Not the Answer

workplace intimidation

When I was a very young teacher working in a tiny school, it became obvious that there was something dodgy about my principal and his use of school money. Put simply, he was in personal financial strife - robbing Peter to pay Paul and he was using the school’s checkbook to pay personal accounts in the town. As I was the 2nd signatory to the account, more than once I was asked to sign a blank cheque. I may have only been in my early 20s but I knew that that wasn't right and I sought some advice f…

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Ready to Lead? Don't Forget to Ask Yourself These Questions

Are you a teacher getting ready to lead? Or maybe you are already in your first leadership role.

Stepping out of the classroom as a full-time teacher and into more formal school leadership roles brings both excitement and trepidation.

As a leader, you can start to influence more teachers and therefore have a bigger impact on more students. But then the doubt seeps in: do I have what it takes?? You only need one bad experience to question whether leadership is actually for you.

Whether you are a mid…

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The Mud of Middle Leadership


Where culture and strategy go to die

Do you plan to create real change in your school? Maybe you have a cracking strategy based on research that you just know will turn your data around. Or maybe you are striving to build a culture that promotes collaboration, deprivitisation and growth mindset.

Good on you!

How’s that working for you?

Change not happening as fast as you want it to? Alignment with the vision actually looks like exhausted teachers nodding at staff meetings and then doing what…

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What Are Your Motivations for Leadership?

Happy boss woman female

What is your motive for leadership?

  1. You want the responsibility for serving others. Do hard things to benefit others.
  2. You want the rewards that leadership brings. It’s good for me and I deserve it.

Patrick Lencioni says, Servant Leadership – is the only reason you should lead.

Not subservient leadership.

Not wobbly boundaries where everyone’s needs are served except yours.

But servant leadership. Being of service and in service to benefit the aims of the organisation.

photo-1459499362902-55a20553e082If you are not a…

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Do You Know What Really Matters?


Do you truly know what matters to you and for you?

What brings you alive?

When are you in flow?

Sure, you love your kids, your pets, and even your job. But what truly matters for you to feel satisfied and complete?

Let me tell you. It’s not your fancy car or your super stylish house. It’s not the incredible grazing plate you created or the number of likes you have on Facebook. It’s not the length of your marriage or the distance you have travelled. It’s not your wine cellar, art collection o…

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4 Key People You Need As An Aspirant Leader

Do you know the four key people that every aspirant leader needs on their team?
Being successful as an aspiring leader is not necessarily dependent on how hard you work.
Your success also relies on having 4 key types of supporters who will not only increase your skills and your confidence but also your visibility and access to key roles.

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How to be a Person of Influence


Recently I was asked to facilitate a panel for Catholic Women in Education and the topic was How to Be a Person of Influence. Below is my presentation.

When we talk about the ability to influence people or what it takes to be a person of influence it often feels a little coercive as if you're trying to persuade people to do something that they are not necessarily comfortable with. The curious thing about influence though is that it cannot be achieved through intimidation and coercion you get co…

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The Unicorn Teacher

unicorn teacher

I was always that kid at school. No, not the kid that was acting out or throwing spit balls or climbing onto the roof. No, I was the kid that sat at the front, put my hand up to every question, did everything that I was supposed to and absolutely adored every single minute of school.

School was always super easy for me. There was always lots of exciting things to do, I could read, I could write, I could occasionally colour in between the lines and I had some pretty amazing teachers. So I guess …

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