Jenny who?

I am an executive coach, facilitator, educator and cheerleader. I run two successful businesses, Positively Beaming and BEAM Consulting.

I am endlessly curious and always keen to share what I know. My wish for you is to take your best self to work AND bring her home again. Supporting you to be your amazing, authentic self. I work with your strengths, treasure what you bring and cheer you along to meet your goals. I believe that the world is always ready for a little more joy and my focus is ensuring you find it and build it into your life.

In a previous life I was a Principal and teacher of children with special needs but my professional qualifications are diverse including Industrial Relations, Education, Leadership and Positive Psychology.

Despite being a committed, excellent educator of 20 years and recognised national expert in the field of Special Education, I crashed and burned. I walked out on the career I loved - an exhausted wreck. My nervous breakdown/spiritual awakening led me to study why and how people thrive and the simple things we can do each day to make it so. I came to realise that if we are able to do more of what comes authentically and naturally to us, it has amazing positive effects on our lives – in fact, we flourish. That journey of discovery has taken me many places in the past 12+ years including understanding of strengths, styles and archetypes. 

I am known for my real, no nonsense approach to life and I am slightly obsessed with developing and supporting female leaders to do more of what they do best every day.

My DiSC style is high I.

My Thrive Factor Archetypes are #mentorteacher #inspirerbeliever #liberatorengineer and #pioneerseeker

Positively Yours,


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  • Positively Beaming

    “Jenny, your Leadership course was literally life changing for me. Each time I got a job, promotion or award I honestly believed it was through luck and was glad they couldn’t see the truth about me.
    Your workshops helped me see I do have strengths and it’s ok that my way of being and leadership style doesn’t need to be the same as someone else’s to be ok.
    There aren’t enough words to say how much I appreciate that belief.
    You are making such a difference in so many lives, thank you for all you do. ”

    School Principal

  • The Collective - Social Media Bundle The Collective

    The Collective - an online membership for professional women who are ready for more ease and joy in their work 

    “Working with Jenny, changed the way I saw myself and gave me the courage to take risks and develop a new career pathways ”


  • Positively Beaming

    “I found Jenny's Women in Leadership workshop one of the most useful professional learning I have participated in. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jenny for anyone looking at being inspired and furthering their career. ”


  • Positively Beaming

    “I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the time you've spent coaching / mentoring me over the past few months. I think that was the most valuable PL I had access to over the journey which has been the roller coaster of Principalship so far. You've allowed me to process things, share my vulnerabilities and also supported me in sequencing some pretty hairy situations I've had to face - successfully and confidently can I just say!!! You're ability to be 'real' and tell me the stuff I don't want to hear is both fresh and rewarding.”

    School Principal