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Planning Difficult Conversations

Download our free eBook and increase your confidence to have difficult leadership conversations.

Overcoming Leadership Self-Doubt

Download our free guide as Jenny takes you through the essential steps to breaking through those confidence barriers and achieving your dreams!

2024 Term Planner

With three versions and two colours to choose from, the planners are back for 2024.

A Guide to Better Boundaries

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5 Confidence Hacks

For Aspiring Women in Leadership

7 Myths About Being a Leader

Crush those doubts you have about becoming a leader

Starting Strong

A 17 page e-book packed with great tips for starting strong as a school leader

9 Tips For Taking Charge

of Your Day

Take back control of your time and energy with these quick tips



5 Days to Better Time Management Podcast

A practical podcast for school leaders to help you get back control of your time

Positively Leading Podcast

Discover what it takes to not only survive, but thrive, in the workplace as a compassionate and empathetic leader.