Do You Know What Really Matters?


Do you truly know what matters to you and for you?

What brings you alive?

When are you in flow?

Sure, you love your kids, your pets, and even your job. But what truly matters for you to feel satisfied and complete?

Let me tell you. It’s not your fancy car or your super stylish house. It’s not the incredible grazing plate you created or the number of likes you have on Facebook. It’s not the length of your marriage or the distance you have travelled. It’s not your wine cellar, art collection or the schools your kids attend. Although all of these are clues to what truly makes you happy and what actually matters.

Are you truly happy exploring a bush track with your dog?

Maybe you are happiest with your head in a book or researching.

Of course, you may be at your snuggliest best surrounded by your adult kids and grandkids in matching onesies singing Sound of Music.

Or tinkering with technology.

Wandering through galleries.

Sewing, painting, making.

Hosting lavish dinner parties.

But knowing what truly matters is not just about what you love but also what you dislike.

Maybe you get angry at injustice.

Or you get super annoyed when people don’t follow through.

Are you irritated when people are ungrateful or unprofessional?

Do you get anxious when things are not perfectly planned?

photo-1491438590914-bc09fcaaf77aAll of these are clues to what really matters to us. And they come from our deep, innate values and needs. A need for freedom, justice, harmony, integrity, compassion, adventure, nature, excellence or prudence.

What really matters to you and for you?

Coaching can help you get clear on your values. It can help you identify the triggers that cause you to react, rather than respond. It can help you identify why that person, team or workplace does not feel like a good fit for you. Importantly, your coach can help you develop strategies and mindsets that allow you to be your best self - even when the situation you find yourself in is less than ideal.


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