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Do you ever get to the end of the week and think,

FAR OUT that was a crazy week - but what have I achieved??

I am sure the answer is YES!

You are definitely not alone. 

Most of us start the week with awesome intentions. We know that we would like to spend more time with our staff and build relationships.

We know that we have that big document to write or strategic thinking to do. On Sunday we write ourselves a "Worry List" (You might call it a To-Do list, but I call it a Worry List because these are all the things I have to worry about this week!).

And then the week hits us like a tsunami, and we run around with the garden hose putting out spot fires. I may have muddled my metaphors a bit there, but I am SURE you know what I mean!!

You arrive at Friday, exhausted.

You have had a million meetings, answered a tonne of questions, and dealt with all kinds of bad behaviour.  Yet the essential thing on your list, like checking in with that newbie staff member, the opportunity to dive deep into the business plan or finding time to get strategic about that important idea for next year - just didn't happen.

With whatever energy you have left, you use it to beat yourself up about how you need to work harder!!

Let's flip that!!

Why don't you take 10 minutes to look back over your calendar and notebook from last week (or month if you feel brave)?

Make a rough tally (NO need for glam spreadsheets, a pen and the back of an envelope is all you need)

  • How many emails did you reply to?
  • How many hours of meetings did you attend?
  • How many students or clients did you interact with?
  • How many hours of marking or work prep did you do?
  • How many hours of professional learning did you attend/deliver?
  • What did you write?
  • What events did you attend/organise?
  • Add anything else, including the tasks you did at home or for your family

NOW look at that list and congratulate yourself for the superhuman effort.


Honestly, I want you to notice how much WAS achieved and how much you managed to juggle. Let it soak in, bask in your awesomeness just one moment longer.

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