Preparing for Leadership: A Conversation with Nancy Bonfiglio-Pavisich

Preparing for Leadership: A Conversation with Nancy Bonfiglio-Pavisich

I have known Nancy for many years and we share a common passion for developing aspirant and new educational leaders. In this video we talk about the work Nancy is doing in this field and the sage advice she has for those who are stepping into leadership roles. Importantly Nancy makes the point that you don't need to be in a promotional position to exemplify leadership.

Take a listen and let us know what you think.

Nancy Bonfiglio-Pavisich

Nancy Bonfiglio-Pavisich is a Leadership Consultant.  With a focus on teaching and learning, educational leadership, change management and school improvement, Nancy has worked with leaders and teachers to facilitate change in their respective schools and organisations. She has also organised conferences for teachers and leaders that have offered topics included but not limited to: Vision, Facilitating Change, Empowerment and Health and Wellbeing.

Nancy has a Master Degree in Educational Leadership and qualifications in Languages, Literacy and Numeracy, Business Management and Religious Education. She is a Life Styles and Group Styles Inventory Facilitator and is also qualified as a Life Coach. With a passion for education, Nancy’s teaching and learning and leadership practices are underpinned by evidence-based research. She has also written various publications on Student Access Centres and the Multiple Intelligences, Values Education and Change Management. Nancy is currently a PhD student with a learning focus on the effective mentoring of early career teachers in Australia and has just won the ACEL New Voice Scholarship Award 2020.

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