Dare to be different

Deep down we just want to belong.

To do that we need to fit in, be like everybody else.

I have never felt like everybody else.

Maybe it’s the same for you.

I always wanted to have a pony tail that swung from side to side when I walked, or one that could be flung around when I danced.

I wanted a suburban life where I took the kids to school and then did fitness with the other school mums returning to tend to my stylish home

or  screeeeeech …. Stop ….

No, I did not want any of that last sentence.

Pony tail yes, life in the burbs no!

Meet my PioneerSeeker. This is the part of me that keeps me on the edge, literally. The seeker of something different, something new something quirky. She is the part of me that is sassy, daring and well … different.

She is always looking for new things, new ideas, new ways of working, constantly seeking outside herself for entertainment and enlightenment. She hates normal. She hates sameness. Her cheeky, irreverent sense of humour bubbles to the surface when she is bored, slaying meeker beings in its wake. Tact is not my middle name.

How much of my Pioneer Seeker is inherited and how much I have created for myself will never be known. My grandmother is strong in me. When everyone else wanted a Royal Albert dinner set with English roses she had a plain white set, German-made – elegant and simple. A brave decision in post-war. My mother, Heroine adventurer and Queen Ruler, strong, independent and one of a kind. I was never going to be ordinary.

I bring the Pioneer Seeker archetype to my coaching in many ways. I am endlessly curious meaning I seek the truth for my clients. I challenge the status quo and encourage you to do the same. I see possibility around every corner and encourage you to take risks. My Inspirer Believer encouraging you and supporting you all the way.

Curious about your own Thrive Factor Archetypes?

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