In this webinar you will learn...


The major mindset shift

that all teachers, especially female ones, need to make as they begin to lead teams of other teachers 


The quickest way to disaster

is to be too nice and too helpful! I will share real-life examples of how helping is not always helpful - how to avoid that rookie mistake, without becoming a bitch.


The single best leadership strategy

that you can use immediately to build trust, motivate others and get results.


You are ready to lead right now

The only thing stopping you is you. But before you take the leap, learn about the the traps along the way.

BONUS free 14-page downloadable ebook, packed full of great ideas, for all who attend.



Understanding yourself and how YOU need to be is the single most effective way to help others and make an impact on education.

Are you preparing to take your first tentative steps out of the classroom because you are ready to support other teachers on a wider scale? Or perhaps you are already in a role that means that you have to guide, advise or lead teams.

My guess is that you know PLENTY about curriculum, assessment, behaviour and pedagogy. You may already be the go-to expert in your school.

Sadly these are NOT the skills you need to lead others  - Rookie mistake number 1!

Sign up for this online webinar where I dive deep into the other mistakes that early leaders make that get in the way of them leading well.

Trust me - you DO have what it takes, it's just not what you think!

This webinar is ESSENTIAL if...

  • you are beginning your journey from teacher into leader.
  • you are already managing committees, PLC's, curriculum teams or learning areas and it feels HARD.
  • you are a soon-to-be-leader and want to be absolutely confident and ready!
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A personal invitation from Jenny,

I became a school leader more by accident than design, I just said yes to every opportunity put in front of me. I moved through the ranks and found myself leading a complex school with challenging students (and staff)... and I was drowning. I quit – I literally walked out on the career that I loved.

There is a lot more to that story... but 12 years and a heck of a lot of research later I now understand where I went wrong and how I can stop new leaders like YOU falling into the same trap. 

Over the past decade I have worked with literally 100s of aspiring, new and veteran female leaders. I have facilitated 60+ leadership development workshops specifically for teachers and those who work in schools AND have in excess of 1500 hours of coaching overwhelmed school leaders. I am confident that I know exactly the mistakes new leaders make and what to do about it.

See you there,


Join me Wed 22nd or Mon 27th June

BONUS free 14-page downloadable ebook, packed full of great ideas, for all who attend.