Thank you for participating in Leading Classroom Teams

(Including Positive Classroom teams in Ed Support)

The resources you may need can be found below. I have indicated 

Workbook Classroom Teams Ed Support.pdf    PLEASE PRINT

The following resources are NOT required for session 1 but need to be printed or saved on your device in time for session 2.

Teacher team meetings - print

Teacher agenda and reflection tool combined.pdf  - print

Teacher update tool as fillable PDF   not required to be printed 


Management Overview of DiSC Styles Poster.pdf  



Box of Crayons VideosDrama Triangle videos - open this link on your computer or device

The Drama Triangle.docx - Print out or save to your device

ALL the notes for today are below, if you have time you can print them out otherwise just save to your device

Slides and Notes from session 4 Challenging Conversations.pdf 

Follow up

accessing these following resources prior to the workshop is NOT required and is actually likely to confuse you 😁

Useful website for later

Useful video for later  Teacher Team meetings