St Andrew Year Level Coordinators

Teacher team meetings  Prereading 

Teacher agenda and reflection tool combined.pdf  - possibly be worth printing or downloading to a device

Teacher update tool as fillable PDF   not required for this session but may be useful later on


Management Overview of DiSC Styles Poster.pdf 

Due to an issue with scheduling I need to finish before 1.30 ACDT so the afternoon session is prerecorded. Ideally you will watch it as a group and complete the group activities but you can choose to watch it independently and do the Drama Triangle activities on your own.

Afternoon Presentation Video

Drama Triangle Videos click to watch

The Drama Triangle.docx - Print out

Follow up

accessing these following resources prior to the workshop is NOT required and is actually likely to confuse you 😁

Useful website for later

Useful video for later  Teacher Team meetings

Slides and notes of workshop St Andrews Year Co Training 1.pdf 

Michael Fullan Change Article 

Types of Change article