Positively Thriving was created to support school leaders and school staff as they protect and nurture their wellbeing.
It aims to provide simple, low-cost, yet research informed resources that can be used by individuals or teams in schools.
Positively Thriving is NOT a program. Instead it is an online portal of 'tier one' resources that school staff can choose to use depending on their own needs and circumstances.

Check out the video below for why I created Positively Thriving

Let me tell you all about this incredible portal of well-being resources and who it is for...

►  School leaders at all levels

►  Teachers and educators

►  Non teaching, school support and corporate services staff

Positively Thriving will give you access to all the wellbeing resources and materials I have collected over the past 12 years. They are yours to use however you like -

  • as individuals
  • in teams
  • with whole school staff

The aim is to help participants to take responsibility for their own well-being, attitudes and emotions so that:

  • individuals thrive
  • teams work with psychological safety and
  • schools can get on with the job of educating.

They are what I would call 'tier one' interventions. They are common sense strategies for folks with moderate mental health who are stressed and struggling. 

If that sounds like what your school needs, then you are in exactly the right place!


Are you ready to Thrive??

Positively Thriving Dashboard

The Positively Thriving Portal includes:

◼︎ The Basics - videos and tools to get everyone started. These include copies of my keynote addresses such as Why Happiness is Hard and staff meeting modules. Use them freely in your own team meetings.

◼︎ Jolts of Joy - These 30+ wellbeing boosters generally take less than 5 mins per day and are low or no cost. Use them individually, in your teams as boosters, or set them as a team wellbeing challenge for a week. They are aligned with the PERMAH wellbeing framework (research) but can be done by anyone, anywhere.

◼︎ Resources and Downloads - an enormous collection of printable PDFs, resources, ideas, websites, podcasts and others providers to support the Jolts of Joy.

◼︎ Coordinators Portal - you will not be doing this alone. I give you suggestions for creating simple processes AND how to help others to take responsibility for their wellbeing. Schools can nominate up to 5 leaders or wellbeing coordinators to access these leader-specific resources.

◼︎ Facebook Community - where I will prompt and motivate participants to continue their Thriving journey and where all schools and participants can safely share their success.

◼︎ A Tool Kit - containing a range of practical strategies that you can start to use immediately but will be topped up as new ideas and useful strategies emerge.

Access on any device with WIFI, PLUS optional app so you can listen and watch from your phone!.

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Prices are in Australian Dollars and DO NOT include GST or taxes relevant to your location. These will be calculated on checkout.

School Site License


30 participants

Do you want to enrol more than 30 participants?

Simply purchase a school site licence and follow the instructions for uploading participants in the email you receive.
We will invoice you for the extras at $10 +GST per person.

No credit card?

Need a tax invoice first?
Simply email us at info@positivelybeaming.com.au

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"This is just what our stressed out and overwhelmed staff are crying out for! THANK YOU"

- ST, Deputy Principal

"Jenny, thank you for your generous offer to support schools in this really challenging time. We are definitely onboard for Positively Thriving."

-  LA, Principal

"Jen, this is just what my staff need! A little bit of your positivity and joy every day. I will be buying it to cover our whole school.

-JA, Manager Corporate Service

Hi I'm Jenny,  

...and I am a recovering Principal.

I became a school leader more by accident than design, I just said yes to every opportunity put in front of me. I found myself leading a complex school with challenging students (and staff)... and I was drowning.

I LOVED working in schools, but I was overwhelmed, burnt out and frankly no longer a nice person to be around. One day it all got too much. I was expected to follow pointless policy, care for my staff, make sure kids got a great education, parents were happy whilst meeting the targets of our business plan. Yet I had violent students, an upset parent community, a new national curriculum plus a bunch of exhausted and grumpy teachers. I’d had enough!

I quit – I literally walked out on the career that I loved.

There is a little more... ok a lot more... to the story than that... but 12 years and a heck of a lot of research later I now understand where it is that I went wrong and so I have devoted my business to ensuring we develop mentally healthy leaders who can support their staff to thrive.

Mid-pandemic, I was coaching leaders and supporting my friends who worked in schools and I asked What Can I Do?? - and Positively Thriving was created (in a week)!

Yes please, sign us up!

Jenny portrait

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some questions you may have:

How many staff can access?

Your school subscription includes access for up to 30 staff. Your MCS or the coordinator will have to provide us with your staff detail so that we can send them a personalised login. Details on how to do that is included in the confirmation email.

Can we add more than 30 staff?

Absolutely! If you want people to have individual logins and access the content on their own ...and why wouldn't you want them to be responsible for their own wellbeing??... then simply include everyone on your staff list and the additional people will cost $10pp (we'll send you an invoice for the extra staff). 

What is the Coordinator Portal?

Schools will be asked to nominate a coordinator who is the person we will liaise with. Schools can also nominate up to 5 other leaders or key people to get access to the Coordinator Portal. The Coordinator Portal will provide advice and suggestions for how the material might be used strategically across the school or in teams.

How long can we access the site?

Positively Thriving was created because Principals were asking for simple resources to support staff wellbeing. So we at Positively Beaming have done the best we can to provide what schools need quickly. However, our core business is Leadership Development and Coaching. We will add to the resources during 2022 and maintain the Facebook group until the end of 2022 - we can't make any promises after that.

What is the Facebook group all about?

Community, relationships and belonging are key to thriving. Participants can choose to join the private Facebook group where staff from other schools will be sharing ideas and successes. I will be providing prompts and motivation to stick with their wellbeing goals. The Facebook group is completely optional and will be moderated to ensure the focus remains on wellbeing.

What are your qualifications?

Firstly I am a not trained psychologist or mental health counsellor. I am a qualified teacher, experienced Principal and life member of the WA Ed Support Principals Association. I have post-graduate qualifications as an executive coach and in Positive Psychology (Uni Melb). I make no guarantees that the resources will do any good, but I know they will do no harm.

Can I use it now?

The site will go live Wednesday 20th April 2022. Your staff will have access once you have purchased, sent us your staff lists and we have uploaded them.  So BUY NOW so you are ready to go for term 2.

What if I still have questions?

Easy - just email us info@positivelybeaming.com.au