Launching Confidently into School Leadership

Launching into Leadership is the only course of its kind, designed specifically for female teachers and educators.

Discover the knowledge, tools and mindsets you need to confidently navigate your early leadership journey. 

This is not just a workshop but an experience that will stay with you through your career. I'd hate you to miss it!

Launching into Leadership LIVE (face-to-face) is held once a year, generally mid-year. Join the waitlist to be notified when the 2025 bookings open.

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No stuffy workshop rooms, boring speakers

or boxed lunches!

You will enjoy 2 wonderful days in a function room close to the Perth CBD. Not only will you have the company of other amazing women, you will have tea and coffee on demand with delicious food throughout the day. 

Don't miss this opportunity to build the career you deserve. Check out all the details below!

Hey there, I am Jenny Cole and before I tell you about this life changing course, let me tell you who it's for;

►  Teachers who are taking their first tentative steps towards leadership. Maybe you are in charge of a curriculum committee in your school, or you are someone that other teachers already come to for support and guidance. Maybe you are an instructional coach or phase of learning co-ordinator. 

►  Teachers and educators who are already in middle leadership roles such as senior teacher, advanced skill teachers, heads of learning, heads of year or student services/pastoral care managers. 

► Leaders in their first 3 years who are wanting to feel more comfortable and competent in their role.

If that sounds like you, then you are in exactly the right place!

Launching into Leadership will give you the inspiration, assurance and unwavering support to create a career and life you will love.




By the end of the two days you will have:

◼︎ created a clear vision of how you want to lead and a roadmap for getting there. Or maybe you will decide that leadership is not for you and that's OK too.

◼︎ discovered your own personal leadership style and strengths allowing you to lead with authenticity..... so no one can say you've changed now that you're a leader! 

◼︎ developed the confidence and self-belief to overcome those pesky doubts that you are not good enough, experienced enough or that you don't have enough knowledge to be a leader.

◼︎ proven strategies to support and motivate the people in your team PLUS hold them accountable - without the need for those awkward, challenging conversations.

◼︎ a tool kit containing a range of practical strategies that you can start to use immediately. 

◼︎ an understanding of how to manage your time and energy to prevent overwork and burn out. 

◼︎ learnt how to launch a rewarding leadership career, avoiding the mistakes early leaders make.

◼︎ have a network of other amazing educators


The program is open to all aspiring, newly appointed or early career leaders in education, and is perfect for teacher leaders.
You will leave after two days feeling confident, inspired, supported and READY to lead.
The full program is below.

Join us for two gorgeous, indulgent days of learning, discovery and colleagiality. Morning tea, lunch and unlimited tea and coffee provided throughout the day.

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"Jenny, your leadership course was literally life changing for me. 

You helped me see I have strengths & that my leadership style doesn’t need to be the same as someone else’s to be ok.

There aren’t enough words to say how much I appreciate that belief.

You are making such a difference in so many lives, thank you for all you do."

- Christine Brown, Principal



...and I'm a recovering principal.

I became a school leader more by accident than design, I just said yes to every opportunity put in front of me. I found myself leading a complex school with challenging students (and staff)... and I was drowning.

I LOVED working in schools, but I was overwhelmed, burnt out and frankly no longer a nice person to be around. One day it all got too much. I was expected to follow pointless policy, care for my staff, make sure kids got a great education, parents were happy whilst meeting the targets of our business plan. Yet I had violent students, an upset parent community, a new national curriculum plus a bunch of exhausted and grumpy teachers. I’d had enough!

I quit – I literally walked out on the career that I loved.

There is a little more... ok a lot more... to the story than that... but 12 years and a heck of a lot of research later I now understand where it is that I went wrong and how I can stop new leaders like YOU falling into the same trap. 

Let me show you how!



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LiL Live Topic 1

A New Model of (School) Leadership

Are you resisting leadership because the model "A Leader" that you have in your head is wrong? Are you worried that you will never live up to the expectations of what a "good leader" is, and does? Guess what? You can be YOU, using all your natural talents and strengths and still lead really successfully!

This topic covers the research around the qualities of great contemporary leaders and how they get results. 

LiL Live Topic 2

Leading with Authenticity

I want you to truly embrace your own personal strengths, leadership styles and emotional intelligence. This is the key to leading in a way that feels right and easy. By leveraging your strengths and leading authentically, it will ensure you will more effortlessly engage, motivate and develop members of your team.

This topic includes:

  • how to discover your own style
  • how to know what your strengths are and put them to use
  • understanding the impact and importance of emotional intelligence
  • understanding the concept of armoured leadership 
  • how to notice when you are NOT being your best self and how that impacts on your performance 
LiL Live Topic 3

Leading with Confidence

Confidence can be a real barrier to leadership success for women.  This topic can be life changing for women who second guess themselves, feel like they aren't ready to lead or who get stuck in perfectionism. You will learn what derails your confidence PLUS simple, actionable strategies for dialling up your self-belief when it is needed.

Topic includes:

  • Why confidence is an issue for women
  • How to over-ride your brain when you feel nervous or unsure 
  • How to leverage your strengths to improve your confidence
  • How to notice the stories you tell yourself that impact your self-belief
  • The danger of perfectionism
  • The importance of "failing fast and often" to improving confidence
  • How to take confident action
LiL Live Topic 4

Creating the Career you Deserve

There is a fantastic career out there with your name on it. This topic helps you to understand your personal brand and the importance of creating a team around you, so that you achieve your ideal role AND thrive when you get there. In this topic you will be supported to set a vision for your career/life and develop a plan to make it happen.

Lessons include:

  • Developing a clear, compelling vision for your career (and life)
  • Getting clear on your personal brand, what you stand for and how you want to perceived by others
  • The fundamental importance of mentors, coaches, sponsors and networks to your career success


LiL Live Topic 5

Starting Strong

Do you want to know the mistakes that rookie leaders make, and learn the skills to avoid them?  As we cover this topic you will learn about the skills and processes necessary to start strong at every point in your journey.

This includes:

  • The importance of trust and how to build it
  • How to set expectations with your team and hold them accountable
  • The power of delivering clear feedback
  • How to establish and manage your own boundaries
  • Understanding the need for both courage and vulnerability in leaders and exploring what that looks like/feels like for you
LiL Live Topic 6

Leading the People

Trust me... the toughest part of school leadership is getting the grown-ups you manage to behave! This topic will give you all the knowledge and understandings you will need to adopt a constructive, coaching approach to leading people and bring about change in your team or school. Learn how to develop a culture of respect, innovation and collaboration that leads to results.

We cover:

  • Understanding a coaching approach to grow your team
  • How to avoid the  "Advice Trap" and telling people what to do
  • The critical skills of listening, empathy and curiosity
  • How to give feedback and still maintain positive relationships
LiL Live Topic 7

Leading with Balance

Leadership does not have to come at the cost of your personal life and wellbeing. Throughout this topic we will explore simple but proven ways to maintain your own physical and psychological health, avoiding overwhelm and burn out.

Lessons include:

  • How to manage your energy and not just your time
  • How to use your diary and calendar to protect your boundaries
  • Practical tools for effective meetings
  • Creating wellbeing habits to ensure you thrive not just survive
LiL Live Topic 8

Bringing it all Together

There is no point learning a whole bunch of new skills if you aren't going to do anything differently. This final topic provides guidance to reflect on your key learnings and plan how to take small but deliberate steps into your best career and life.  Who is the leader you want to be and what is the next logical step to get closer to being her?


You know you want to!

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Positively Beaming

“Thank you Jenny for your wise words during the Women in Leadership course. It has literally been the best thing I have ever done and greatly exceeded my expectations of what I thought I might walk away with.”

Project Consultant

Positively Beaming

“I wanted to let you know how much the your leadership program transformed so many things for me. I am so grateful to you, for broadening my views, introducing me to Brene's work, and for helping me dig deep and see what I am capable of. Your support has provided me with a new found confidence and a range of tools and strategies to be the best that I can be.”

(now) Associate Principal

Positively Beaming

“Jenny is a very skilled presenter who uses her calm and friendly nature to engage her audience. I found her Women in Leadership workshop one of the most useful professional learning I have participated in. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jenny for anyone looking at being inspired and furthering their career. ”


This is not for you if you:

  • are an experienced or veteran leader, principal or similar
  • are not prepared to be reflective and take action
  • are not prepared to collaborate and share experiences with other participants in the course 
  • are looking to learn about policies and procedures
  • want a list of leadership competencies you can check off
  • think this is the magic bullet to you landing a promotion
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