They're back!
The Positively Beaming Yearly Term Planner is back for 2024!

Picture your office or the staff room...
Somewhere on the pin up board is a term planner sent to you by a credit society or superannuation fund..

Can you see it in your mind?
Yep, me too!
UGLY isn't it?!
So incredibly ugly, surrounded by advertising.
But every year you pin it up on the wall and there it stays because, well, it was free.

But guess what?!
Things are about to change!
We have made you a whole bunch of free term planners that don't suck.

Positively_Beaming_SUBMARK_new PINKWHT

Choose between:

- 2 colours
- 3+ sizes from poster size (A1) down to A4
- Several variations so they can be pinned up or carried around
- Whole year and term-by-term versions
- All the PDFs downloads are also fillable!

And they are all yours, for free and to share!

2024 Yearly Term Planner Images

There are three versions of the term planner, available in Positively Beaming pink or blue, and the download links will be sent directly you.

Version One - This is an A1 landscape, full year planner with the term weeks and school holidays clearly marked. 

Version Two - This download consists of four, A1 portrait orientation pages, each containing 3 months to a page. While similar to the full year planner mentioned above, this calendar is significantly bigger and is essentially a term to a page - giving you more space to write and change out the page each term.

Version Three - The final version is basically the same as Version Two. The difference is that it has been formatted to fit an A4 page, meaning you can print it out and keep it in your files or notebook.

As an extra bonus - all term planner versions are fillable PDFs, meaning you can add your own notes and mark-up to the calendars prior to printing!

These are created for the Western Australian public school year.

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