Why Coaching?

Research by Joyce and Showers for the National College of School Leadership demonstrates that coaching is essential for transferring knowledge into habits and behaviours that sustain long term change. Coaching is critical in bridging the knowing-doing gap that we see in schools. Often, we know what to do but we fall back into old patterns of teaching and behaviour

Change isn’t hard, transitions are hard, and coaching embeds change because it focusses on changed thoughts, ways of being and behaviours.

Who can benefit from coaching?

Anyone who is ready to grow and learn.

Senior Leaders – It provides a safe and confidential space to process challenges. Coaching is an essential element of a leader’s continual development as it provides check-in, accountability, and critical feedback.

Mid-level Leaders – Middle leaders have a complex role as they are both managing up and leading down. Coaching provides just in time leadership development and feedback, to ensure they balance the strategic, human, and operational aspects of their role.

Teacher Leaders – Collective teacher efficacy is essential to improving student achievement, but leading high-performance teams requires skills and attitudes that are not always found in classroom teachers toolbox. Coaching strengthens confidence, clarity, and action.

Teachers, Education Assistants, School Support Staff - Sometimes staff just need someone with an outside perspective to talk with. Coaching supports individuals to problem solve, create options, and move forward to solutions.

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What is a coaching bundle?

Coaching is like going to the gym, one-off sessions are unlikely to have any long-term benefit. On the other hand, an hour with a coach of any kind can get you motivated and back on track.

Traditionally coaching is offered to an individual in a bundle of 6 x 1 hour sessions. This model does not suit schools. Instead, leaders want a number of staff across the school to access coaching sessions to support their professional growth - if an when its required.

And they want the sessions to be a blend of mentoring, training, and coaching as required.

Ideally each person should receive several sessions, spaced 3 – 4 weeks apart, to gain traction and momentum. We offer schools the opportunity to  purchase a bundle of coaching hours - to coach, train and mentor identified members of the school or leadership team.  Download the brochure for fees.

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How does it work?

pencil-64All sessions are one on one.

pencil-64Sessions take place via phone or Zoom.

pencil-64The sessions are completely confidential and tailored to the personal goals of participants.

A coaching session may include:

  • Developing a personally relevant professional goal and coaching towards achieving the goal (Could include performance plans, growths plans or similar)
  • Debriefing of psychometric tools such as DiSC or LSI
  • Debriefing of performance feedback
  • Mentoring and leadership skill development around school-based scenarios
  • Support to problem-solve or address current challenges
  • Action planning and tracking
Download a Brochure

Booking is Easy

Your will be  given a unique booking link for your school

This link provides access to my calendar and the staff member makes their own booking at a time that suits them.

They are sent a  confirmation email with all the details they need. 

Sessions can be cancelled or rescheduled using the same system.

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What Next?

Take a look at the information brochure, decide on the the amount of hours that suits your context.

Then simply send me an email with the bundle you would prefer. 

I will reply with your unique booking link, information for participants and an invoice.

If you have questions email jenny@positivelybeaming.com.au or book a quick time to chat here https://Coachingbookingpage.as.me/discoverycall

Other Options

Positively Beaming are available to design and present a variety of leadership and team development workshops to staff.

Most of our programs are modular and can be presented as whole day, half day or short sessions of 90 - 120 minutes.

We begin by talking with Principal or delegate to understand more clearly what you need. We then provide the you with a formal proposal outlining professional learning options and our fees.

  • Positively Beaming

    “Jenny, the work we have done together is truly life changing.”


  • Positively Beaming

    “Your Women in Leadership Course and coaching is literally the best thing I have ever done and greatly exceeded my expectations. ”

    School Leader

  • Positively Beaming

    “The workshops with Jenny are engaging and interactive. The self-reflection tools she uses are useful for exploring my own responses and considering my colleagues' ways of doing things from a different perspective. I got a huge amount of personal growth out of the sessions with Jenny. ”

    School Psychologist

  • Positively Beaming

    “On behalf of the staff, I thank you for your recent presentations. The have had a powerful impact; suffice to say that staff have been buzzing. I am most appreciative of the manner in which you were able to bring together the concepts in an actionable way. The power of the process has had staff reflecting on where to next and I believe some are already working it through to align with their practice. Absolutely fabulous! ”

  • Positively Beaming

    “Thank you so much for your support and generosity over the last few days. You've given me so much to think about…and I had an epiphany last night in regards to my three-year vision.”

    M.Ed Level 3 Teacher

  • Positively Beaming

    “Thank you, Jenny, and the Rising Leaders team! It was an inspirational three days, which has been awesome! Great women, great 'stories', and unparalleled support! ”


Who is Jenny Cole?

Jenny is an accredited coach and experienced facilitator.

As a coach, she focuses on achieving positive results for individuals and assisting clients to achieve personal and organisational goals. Jenny's warm, engaging manner allows her to connect with people across all levels of an organisation. She has coached over 600 people across a range of organisations but predominately school leaders. The feedback that she receives demonstrates that she can quickly build trust and rapport allowing her clients to leave sessions with clarity, action and energy.

Her facilitation skills are exceptional, ensuring she is in high demand to present to various audiences.

Jenny is the owner of BEAM Consulting Pty Ltd and Positively Beaming. Before establishing her company, she was a school principal for 12 years and worked with the most challenging students in special education and mainstream settings.

Jenny is passionate about leadership effectiveness and building professional learning communities within organisations. She has developed a wide range of professional learning programs to meet the needs of leaders at various points in their careers – from induction courses for novices to experienced leaders. Launching into Leadership, the online course for Aspirant Leaders has had over 80 satisfied graduates since 2020.

Jenny has facilitated the Rising Leaders program for the Department of Education since 2016 and the Leading with Authenticity project for CEWA since 2020. She is well-read and experienced in the field of change management and organisational psychology. She has facilitated for schools and systems across Australia and the Pacific and hosts several online learning programs and communities.

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  • Bachelor of Arts (Industrial Relations)
  • Diploma of Education (Special Ed)
  • Diploma Applied Positive Psychology
  • Accredited Executive Coach
  • WAESPAA Life Member
  • DiSC Accredited Practitioner
  • LSI Accredited Practitioner
Online membership communities

Recent Projects and Facilitation

  • Rising Leaders – Women in Leadership 5-day program DoE (2016-2022)
  • CEWA – Aspirant Leaders Program 2020 – 2022
  • Emerging Leaders Program – MCS
  • Performance Conversations for Growth
  • Introduction to Coaching
  • High-Performance Teams Facilitation
  • Challenging Conversations
  • Co-Coaching for Teacher Performance
  • Leading Teams for Classroom Teachers
  • Understanding the Impact of Trauma
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